At this time there is about US$1.4 trillion in online commerce, or e-commerce. Approximately $0.4 trillion is in China, leaving a cool trillion mostly available in the English language. And the online marketplace is growing at an astounding 20+ percent annually!

Frankly, that’s an unfathomable amount of money and the only way to wrap our heads around it is to look at very tiny sub-niches and see how lucrative they can be.

Google is the best place to start for this, since what folks type into that little search box is where a huge chunk of online commerce begins.

To understand this phenomenon it important to know a few basics about Google.

First of all, the words people type into the search box at Google are called “keywords” in the case of single words and “keyword phrases” for strings of words. So if I just search for “golf,” that’s a keyword, and if I type “improve my golf swing,” that’s a keyword phase.

Secondly, after you click the ‘Search’ button at Google you see a new page with the results. This is called the Search Engine Results Page or SERP. That page is really important. Because if your website is listed as the #1 result on that page, about 42% of people will click and visit your website. For free. You don’t pay for that traffic. If your site is in the number 2, 3, or 10, you receive a smaller portion of the people searching but it’s still free traffic.

Finally, the people searching for certain (almost any, really) keyword phrases are valuable to companies that are selling stuff. So advertisers will pay to get their attention. For example, a company selling golf clubs will pay to get the attention of a person visiting Google and typing the words “improve my golf drive” because they want to tell him he can improve his drive by purchasing new clubs.

Fortunately, the statistics for all of this are available to you and me.

Here’s an example. I used the keyword phrase “improve my golf swing” and these are the results of the analysis.

Keyword: These are the common words typed into the Google search box.
Daily Searches at Google: An estimation of how often people type this exact phrase in the Google search box.
Daily Clicks for #1 on Page: The 42% who click on the result at the top of the SERP.
What Advertisers Pay for One Click: Google has a giant advertising program called Adwords and this is what companies pay to place an ad containing these exact search words.
Daily Income for #1: This is an estimate of what a website could generate if it was doing. everything right (solid, relevant offer and credible story about what they are offering). It’s calculated by the value of a click at Google multiplied by the number of clicks at Google.
Monthly Income for #1: Daily income times 30 days. E-commerce never sleeps. Revenue can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Golf Swing Niche

So, on the top line you can see that if you had a website with a single page that ranked #1 at Google for “golf swing” you could make $22,481 per month just from that one page.

But guess what? That’s very, very unlikely to happen for you. There is only one page in the world that does this. If you type those words at Google you’ll see the #1 slot belongs to Golf Digest Magazine and overturning that result is not going to happen for a little website with one good page. Same with the other top results coming from The Golf Channel, Golf Magazine and the rest.

The folks at Google aren’t stupid. Google employs more PhDs than any other organization in the world. So forget about those schemes to rig Google results through trickery as a path to instant riches. It won’t happen.

But there is still plenty of opportunity to garner revenue from having pages that offer something that appeals to people typing longer, less popular keyword phrases.

Notice the bold terms: golf swing tips, perfect golf swing, proper golf swing, the perfect golf swing, golf swing video, golf swing mechanics. All of those are very lucrative results. Importantly, these results are from one analysis of one phrase – ‘improve my golf swing’ – and a serious entrepreneur trying to leave the rat race would analyze dozens or hundreds of keywords in order to zero in on a sub-niche he could successfully exploit.

Wait, there’s more. All of the above is just an estimation based upon a Google search result for one page. An entrepreneur offering something appealing to golfers can and would optimize many pages of his site for many keyword phrases. Even pages that attract only $100 per month in sales from uncommon, obscure, even misspelled phrases can quickly add up to a tidy sum of money. And while Google is the king of search, there is also other traffic available from Yahoo, Bing and, of course, completely different methods of marketing than search engines (Facebook, Twitter, and much more).

Remember – this example is not for the niche called “golf” – this is the sub-niche called “golf swing.” Just appealing to the folks willing to pay money to improve their golf swing is worth this much! Not golf travel. Not golf clothing. Not golf equipment. Not golf books. Just the folks talking about “golf swing.

Obviously golf is a major niche and you might think I just cherry picked something particularly rewarding. But as I mentioned from the top, a trillion dollars is a giant economy and almost anything can be financially viable. Check out the results for “get rid of gophers.”

Gopher Niche

The analysis revealed that getting rid of mice and moles is also quite lucrative. There are many very sweet businesses that could be created in that little niche. For a guy obsessive about getting rid of vermin, this could be a business made in heaven. Haha!

In a trillion dollar online economy there are so many opportunities to make substantial, reliable income that the first challenge is to simply choose something of personal interest. Every niche can be evaluated with objective, meaningful data and statistics in order to know what is possible financially. It’s simply a matter of systematically building on a known foundation until reaching a point where you can safely leave the rat race.

There is no need to leave the choice of your niche to chance. The tools and knowledge are available to know from the beginning that your chosen niche can make you the money you need to safely leave the rat race. It’s a step by step process where you begin generating income and build it until it reaches the amount and consistency that you can simply step away from the rat race and begin living life on your own terms.


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