We’ve mentioned before that not everyone wants, or is suited to, either domestic or international travel. That will always be true. Some people love the town they are living in and not only never want to move, they never want to travel anywhere else. Fine.

But there are those of us who experience travel as one of the magnificent joys of life. And, of course, among our group there is still massive difference of opinion in terms of preferred travel, from austere backpacking to the Ritz Carltons of the world. Again, to each his own.

First, I’d like to tell you a truth about owning an online business. It’s something the ‘blue sky’ promoters very rarely, if ever, mention. When you own and operate your own online business, every day is a potential work day. In all honestly, I can’t remember the last time I went an entire day without checking anything related to one of our businesses. It only takes a few minutes, but when it’s your baby, you want to know everything is OK, so you peek.

But here’s the other side of that coin; every day is also a potential vacation day.

In practice, what really happens is a blend. For example, when Connie and I are living in a place like Belize or Thailand we deliberately let our productivity slide a little bit. We wake up, spend maybe an hour checking a few important things online to make sure everything is OK, then we go do something that other people might do while on vacation. Take a boat ride out to an island. Walk the beach. Chat with expats at a beach bar. Visit an ancient temple, or whatever.

At lunch we probably make a quick check online to make sure nobody needs us. Then we continue doing something else that we want to do. Rent a car. Rent a motorcycle. Visit a nearby town. Or just go back to our hotel or condo and have a nap. It’s completely up to us.

And here’s the best part. That’s what 365 days a year are like. If Connie and I had “two weeks vacation” it would be rather meaningless to us. It wouldn’t be any different than the other 50 weeks. It’s been this way for many years and, I have to tell you, it’s a pretty sweet way to live.

In fairness, I have to mention that at other times of the year we live in places we deliberately select so we can be more productive. In those places, we flip our schedule so we get maximum work done at whatever time of day we like (which, for we night owls, is often from 4PM to 4AM) and then we enjoy some leisure hours seeing a new city, going to the theatre or something else. Always blending work, leisure and travel.

The same lifestyle can obviously be adapted to persons not wanting to do international travel. The USA, Britain, Canada and Australia, for example, are all countries a native could spend his or her entire lifetime discovering. The same flexible principles would apply.

For the people who value travel as one of the great pleasures in life, there is no better lifestyle than owning your own online business. It takes you out of the constraints of the rat race and into a daily life where meaningful work, leisure and global or domestic travel can all be seamlessly incorporated into a daily routine engineered around your personal priorities.

In Part 7 we’ll discuss: Freedom from Conformity


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Pete Sisco is the author of, The Freedom App - Building True Freedom Through Contractual Republics.

Pete and his wife have been traveling the world for 9+ years using online income. They help like-minded people create their own resilient personal freedom.
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Pete Sisco

Author of, The Freedom App - Building True Freedom Through Contractual Republics. http://www.PeteSisco.com

Traveling the world continuously for 9+ years and counting, and helping other people build their own durable freedom. http://www.resilientpersonalfreedom.me/

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