“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.”― Rumi

There is a deep human need to be creative. Creativity expresses itself in thousands of ways and through billions of people. In fact, it’s fair to say that creativity is unique to each individual.

Humans are problem solvers. We’re way, way at the top of the animal kingdom – the apex predators of problem solving. We’re naturally great at it and we get profound satisfaction from doing it. It’s as if there is a powerful force of creativity inside each of us that is bursting to get out.

Yet . . . how many of us are able to regularly exercise our creative abilities through our work? Stated another way, how many of us are stuck in soul-crushing, dull, uninspiring, unoriginal, visionless, drone work with co-workers who are just as trapped as we are?

As a result, an important aspect of our humanity and happiness is stifled. In the worst case, it’s stifled for a lifetime. A lifetime of making the best of it by trying to laugh at a Dilbert cartoon that illustrates the futility and negativity of living like a nameless cog in a dying machine.

The corporate, cubicle, drone-work, world is filled with people who don’t really have twenty years experience, they just lived the same year twenty times over. To those of us who yearn to express our creativity, that’s just no way to live.

There is another way. There’s always been another way, but now it’s easier and more viable than it has ever been.

The first step is making a plan. And the best news is that step is pure creativity.

Making a plan for what online business to build involves searching your mind and your heart for what you desire most in life. It involves immersing yourself in all the possibilities and then distilling them into a carefully crafted scenario that makes you excited to even contemplate.

And the most important fact is this: the creativity never really stops. Products to create, services to develop, new markets to serve, innovative tactics to implement – all without the meddlesome interference of people who want to control everything you do, while blaming you for their mistakes and taking credit for your successes.

Speaking as a middle-aged person, constantly engaging in creative problem-solving and innovation is the invigorating stuff that keeps a person young. This is exactly why Connie and I never live the same year twice; because we just don’t have to. Freedom to create is a basic human need and it is emotionally destructive to live and work in an environment where it cannot see its full expression.

Again, the first step, in many ways, is the most enjoyable and purely creative in the entire journey to safely leave the rat race – Make A Plan!

In Part 5 we’ll discuss: Freedom of Income


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